Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Golu @ home-2010

This is the golu at home which came up suddenly on Mahalaya amavasya, all credit to my daughter,son and MIL. With our travel plans getting grounded,this vacation I decided to enrol my son in the science workshop at the indian backyard science which he was pestering me to enrol since long at butterfly fields.

As I was through with the winter cleaning on Mahalaya amavasya day, I decided to clean the display unit & display the little doll collection,but my daughter turned around some tables, brought down the plywood sheets from attic with a bathla ladder and set up the whole unit with the help of my MIL and son. Seeing her interest, I only contributed by adding some finishing touches.

Natarajar, a reclining clay doll of ganesa, a colorful ganesa in a hibiscus, standing ganesa, channapatna wooden toys, a wedding doll, some animals like elephants,ducks, a rajasthani seth and sethni(instead of chettiyar and chettichi) along with small brass utensils like aduppu(stove), idli stand, maaram( used to chaff rice) are some of the items you will see. All the above have replaced the olden 'man bommais' which my mil used to display. The older 'man bommais' are carefully packed and stored in an attic at my husband's grandparents home at Lalgudi.

My children have also designed a park with a pillaiyar temple in a mini village set up.

Now I am busy with the theatre workshop(winter camp), i am conducting in the morning and in the afternoon i go to get the vethhalai pakku, poo, pazham etc and in the evening I go over to visit other people's golu and invite them over to my house golu.

Enjoying the festive season.


  1. hi! great post. any idea where one might find miniature brass utensils?

  2. Very Nice Golu. Small and Sweet. I got to go to a house today where they had a very elaborate Golu with dolls depicting "Villakku Poojai", a, agriculture set in a farm, a village scene and lots more. Was really very happy to see the tradition being kept alive so passionately by people. :)

  3. @anonymous- what i have are the old ones which I got from my husband's patti. IF you are in chennai, You could try them near mylapore teppakulam.

  4. Yes Sanguine. It is really nice to see the tradition kept alive, also i think it is our duty to pass on these values to gennext. Nice to know you are also visiting many golus.

  5. So nice - maybe more bommais and steps at the next kolu, and that is how it grows.....