Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Golu at Skandagiri

Tha above Golu is staged at Skandagiri, hanuman temple at secunderabad. All the 9 days the hanuman idol is decorated with different alangarams like vetthalai(betel leaf), jangiri, vegetables, vadai, butter etc., There are concerts in the evening by renowned singers and also encourages young talents.

Beside this hanumantemple, on a small hillock is a murugan temple. HEre too there is different alangarams for Ambal. Concerts are arranged in the evening and prasadam is distributed. There is a branch of Giri trading center which is where all tamils source their panchangams, bhakthi cassettes, shloka books, golu bommai sets etc.,

This temple and its surroundings are like mini madras in Secunderabad.


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  3. Nice Golu .Good to know about the Hanuman temple, the decorations sound interesting !