Thursday, September 30, 2010

The In-house counsellor and doctor

They are the best architects, but they have not studied architecture.
They are the best dietician and nutritionist, but they have not studied food science.
They are the best beauticians, but they have no certificate in cosmetology.
They are the best counselors and psychologists, but they have not studied psychology.
They are the best doctors of home remedies, but they are not masters of medical science.
They are worldly wise , but no student of Socrates /Aristotle.
They are the best cooks, but no certificate in catering.
They are the best managers, but no fancy management degree.
They are positive thinkers, but have’nt read any self-help books.
They are all rolled into one, They are OUR ELDERS.

They are our inhouse counsellor,Psychologists, doctors , Management gurus and wield a positive influence on us with their rich native and practical wisdom.

When we fail somewhere and feel this is the end, they console by saying it is only a bend and help us to mend the bend.

Most youngsters facing emotional turbulence at school, college and work resort to extreme steps, If only they had these elders with whom they could communicate and get de-stressed, the competitive world would be a better place to live in and all psychologists would be out of business.

I am blessed to have many such elders in my family.

Long live all the senior citizens and Happy elders day to all the elders .


  1. I love this! Not least cos I am an elder ......:-D

  2. @ raji muthukrishnan - proud to know and have a elder like you on my blogroll.