Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Deva Deva Vana - an eco tourist spot at Bidar

Last weekend we headed 110kms northwest of Hyderabad to reach the northern plateau region of Bidar in Karnataka. We took nearly more than an hour to cross 25 kms and get out of the city limits negotiating the heavy traffic of city and then simply cruised through the remaining part of NH 9. After 110 kms took a left turn into a road where Karnataka Tourism Board welcomed us to Bidar listing its place of tourist interest. Bidar is a tourist delight and has historical significance dating back to Bahamani kings. It has the Bidar fort, eco forest, unique temples, gurudwara, mosque and it is home to the beautiful hand made craft called Bidri ware.

Before you enter into the town limits, we took a detour (200 metres) and were greeted by an eco tourist place called ‘Deva Deva Vana’ meaning god’s forest. This is in the lap of Shahapur Reserve forest, developed exclusively for people as an eco-tourist spot by the Karnataka forest department. You have various medicinal flora and fauna grouped with devotional names like Panchavativana, Ashoka vana, Rashi vana(zodiac), Navagraha vana etc. All these sacred groves are created for relaxation and meditation especially the Bruhat panchavati vana helps in focusing the mind, Navagraha vana has each tree assigned to the zodiac (Mango tree for kanya rashi etc).

Children’s entertainment area are designed in the form of water slides, colorful slides, swings etc.,. Other things which add beauty to the forest are the sprawling topiary landscaped lawns, floral canopied pergolas, beautiful fountains and very colorful blooms.

The whole area is manned efficiently along with an information center. Eco-huts are available for eco-tourists.

After inhaling the medicinal air and feasting our eyes with the beauty of nature for more than two hours we headed into Bidar to visit Sri Kshetra Narsimha Jharni-a unique temple dedicated to Lord Narsimha.

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  1. This sounds very interesting. The names are so appropriate to such an area.