Friday, July 30, 2010

Bidri fort

The next day started late for us since our friend’s son was not keeping well and so we had to skip the Panchadara temple which we could not reach early. We drove to the Bidar fort but over shot the road and our we went down the lane which had beautiful meadows on either side and on our left we saw Bidar milk diary a part of KMF. My son is a great fan of nandini milk( product of KMF) and so he wanted to see how the milk was being packeted.

We drove into the diary to see the process. Cow and buffalo milk are brought from neighbouring villages into the diary in huge aluminium cans and are poured into a big tank before a small sample of milk from each can is taken for testing the fat content of the milk. The milk filtered here is then sent into the cooling plants . From here it is sent to Gulbarga for packeting and marketing. The men working there said they do not use any chemicals and so the milk has to consumed within 4 hours or within a day if under refridgeration.

We came out and drove back on the same road to reach the fort which is the pride of Bidar. It is a huge fort with well manicured lawns and being maintained by the Archaelogical survey of India. Was really amazed by the architectural splendor, the intricate designs, the symmetry of the work all crafted with skilled hands when machines were unheard of. Lot of hard work must have gone into the making. Read more about it here..

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