Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rasambar anyone?

You know Rasam.

You know sambar.

Do you know Rasambar?

Yes, it is the combo of both rasam and Sambar and this rasambar took birth in my kitchen a few months ago.

A few months back I had a training session on a Saturday and with weekends off B , my daughter and my son were at home. They said they would manage their lunch.

The trio got into the kitchen to make Rasambar. Evening when I returned back both shre and shar were raving about the new preparation cooked by their appa and shre named it as Rasambar.

Now-a- days with the heat getting unbearable , I try to spend lesser time in the kitchen. There is no separate sambar and rasam. It is this 2 in 1 I make.

Well, It is easy to make too. Add 1 table spoon of rasam and sambar powder in a vessel along with crystal salt/table salt(to your taste). To this add tamarind juice extracted from lemon size tamarind , add chopped tomatoes and onions. Let it boil. To this add 50 gms of cooked and mashed tuvar dal, add two cups of water and allow it to boil again, now add few leaves of curry and coriander and sprinkle with a pinch of hing powder. Temper with mustard seeds and it is ready to serve with rice.

The thin watery soup on top is the Rasam and the thick dal gravy with tomato and onion which settles at the bottom is Sambar.

To make it more richer add 1 table spoon of coconut gratings along with dal and you can add your own twists to make it more nutritious by adding your choice of vegetables.

Rasambar with rice, microwaved curry and buttermilk is the main course made in my kitchen this summer.


  1. Nice recipe..Asha...would love to try it out in this heat...

  2. Trust kids and husband to come up with new stuff in the kitchen :-) I love the name Rasambar!!