Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our summer camp

Vacation time again, the longer one and I am off to meet my parents, uncles, aunts and in-laws.

Time for my children to bond with their grandparents, granduncles, grand aunts, relatives, cousins and attend family functions. Time to learn and absorb new things.

Luckily will be escaping the baking sun of Hyderabad and moving to my hometown relatively cooler Bangalore.(people of Bangalore call 38 deg as bisilu(hot) and shakkey(sultry), wonder what they would call the scorching 42 and 43).
But yes, Thanks to Global warming it is not cooler as it used to be 10-12 years back.

Since my parents place is not equipped with computer, I may not be regularly blogging and commenting. Will try to connect when I am at my sis and uncle’s place.

Till then all of you have a happy vacation. Ciao.


  1. Ah vacation! I'm waiting to go somewhere cooler too...
    enjoy yourself!

  2. i know how it feels not to be connected..
    have a great vacation

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