Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My first art teacher.

When she was just 2, I would turn the  plain calendar backs and  the white cardboard shirt supports ( that came with   new shirts) into canvas for her. I would write the alphabets in double strokes and hang an apple at the end of the stroke and a ball for B etc...The space between the double strokes would then be colored by the 2 year old with crayons. I would hold her hand and help her to color within the space and the objects.. Together we would go to Comfort ( our library) and get  Magicpot( a kids activity book from Manorama group) in the evenings. We would connect  the dots to from luttappi( a magic pot cartoon),  I never believed in conventional teaching and so tried various methods and activities to keep her hooked. An activity she enjoyed doing and longed for more. Even at the age of 2, she had such good control over hand movements.

Time flies and she is a testimony to that....

17 years later........roles were reversed:) ...

2 weeks back,

She held my hand and taught me to draw and paint on a canvas daughter....... my first art teacher.


  1. Is there anything that can be better than this moment - the moment when your "baby" can teach you something new.

  2. the painting is incredibly beautiful. I too wanna try it.

    1. Do try raj, you will do a better job:) Thanks for visiting my space