Monday, December 7, 2015

Kudos to all the unsung heroes

I have always believed that Mother nature is a great teacher and yet again, she  proved and taught a great lessson that almost washed out the coastal area of Tamilnadu like chennai, cuddalore and Pondicherry. . Suddenly, the  New born, the old, the sick , the differently abled , the strong and the weak, rich and poor had nowhere to go .People lost their homes and many souls had no food and water and were on the roads.

Even the few, who were safe in their homes felt as though they lived in the dark age. They had no clue of what was happening around them. In a highly advanced tech world when all of us were boasting of communication shrinking the world, mother nature showed she could cut us off from our near and dear ones.

It is heart wrenching to see the visuals and read the stories doing the rounds. But amongst, all these one positive point that emerged through is humanity. Apart from the Ever green heroes from our  3 forces, Army, navy and AF,  This deluge has thrown many more heroes and super stars.

 It is heart warming to read temples sheltering non-hindus, a muslim helping a hindu pregnant women to reach  a doctor, a daily wager like fishermen, auto drivers, security and maids contributing in kind and cash for the relief fund. Neighbouring states which fought for water now uniting over water by sending volunteers and relief materials.

 Amazing stories of humanity unfolding and social media like facebook, whatsapp and twitter which has born brunt of ire from many were the angels without wings  which threw many online volunteers and help spread the message fast. I think we need no more hysterical news channels.

The youth especially who are always hooked on to the social media did a great job. The army of college students and school students volunteered at many places to help reach the relief material

It is not the spirit of chennai, /cuddalore bombay, new york, bangalore but it is the spirit of man helping another....Kudos to all the unsung heroes..God bless!! I am sure this spirit will help rebuild Chennai, cuddalore and Pondicherry.


  1. Kudos indeed. So many people opened their hearts out in the time of disaster. Shows humanity at its best. Gives a perfect riposte to the minority of clowns who indulged in politicking or extortion.

  2. yes talking about the clowns is a waste of energy for us.

  3. Indeed kudos to all the good hearted people who worked so hard to help.. and forget about MEDIA I am sure everyone knows how rubbish they are ..