Friday, August 21, 2015

An aid to speed up my life

Today internet, computers and smart phones have become indispensible in my home. From watching movies to shopping to home office or managing home like paying electricity bills, booking tickets, bank transactions, taking school tests, online classes everything is done from our computer or smart phone in my home, Thanks to internet revolution.

That said, it is very frustrating when you are unable to do all those when your internet speed is pathetic. There are times when our patience is put to test despite taking deep breaths in between.But, hopefully with companies like Airtel launching the 4G network our jobs could be done faster and we could save time rather than wasting time watching at the “loading” or the “ buffering “. Airtel 4G that way can calm our nerves and keep our stress levels low.

If I ever had that unbelievable speed of Airtel 4G under my hood….then these are the things that would happen faster to me without my nerves getting frayed:

· I get inspired ,motivated and also learn by watching many videos on art,culture, history, music, travel, gardening and spiritual talk videos which I watch on you tube, this I would be able to watch online and enjoy with zero buffering while streaming hi-definition videos.

· E- shopping as many of us know is the latest mode of shopping. I can avail the excellent discounts and go grocery shopping online and so to use the online stores rebates which are hourly at times or first come first serve basis, a faster network is needed, Airtel 4G would come to my aid.

· Sometimes, it takes time to open some essential service sites like e seva ( telangana government portal for paying bills like property tax, electricity, water taxes etc.), banking sites, IRCTC, airline booking, movie bookings and even google, gmail, Blogspot, etc there were times it would be frustrating to see the site take time to open but with the release of airtel 4G it would be a new opening for me. For instance, Many a times, we loose tatkal tickets due to the  slow loading of site.

· I am a fan of some popular movies ( which are off theatre), and theatre (drama) I download some of them so that we can watch it as a family on weekend afternoon. This downloads will now be faster.

· Sometimes, I do upload family videos on our Geni family site to wish my extended family on special days…these uploading and downloading would now save me time and reach my relatives  & friends who live all over the world.

With world fastly moving towards mobile technology, Airtel 4g will be a boon to the Indians on the move and will help realize our Government’s dream of “Digital India”.

Despite slow connectivity and poor connectivity at many places in India, India has maintained a position in software development and in other fields of science, technology, arts and commerce. When the speed of connectivity increases then our society will be empowered with more information, knowledge and we can communicate faster making us unbeatable. Welcome Airtel 4G!

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