Sunday, March 22, 2015

Romancing happiness:)

Many a times we find happy people around us. People who spread joy and instill optimism  that all is well with the world.  They take things as they come and have no unreasonable expectations from  themselves, life  or others in their life. It is not that they don’t have pains, disappointments,failures or  ambitions. They too desire material things and succumb to advertisers gimmicks, they might dream big, want to   vacation at exotic places but it is just that  they tackle the adversities and try to find joy in small things.  For such people happiness is not elusive and is also permanent. They easily find contentment and fulfillment and are always cheerful, happy and spread it around.
I am surrounded by many such people , some by default( family)  & some by design( friends) and it is only natural they infect me with the same. So, happiness to me is that feeling of contentment, a feeling of joy and which comes  from the security that I have such close personal relationships with happy and optimistic  people. The mutual affection combined with a life of enjoyment  seem to make me happy and fulfilled. That apart, I also find  happiness in simple things which I call  costless luxuries . Listing some below-

1)      The 5 minute sleep after the snooze button
2)      The stretches that I take
3)      Filling my home to the melody of the ‘suprabhatam’ , it is a divine feeling.
4)      Marveling at sunrise with  a  cup of chai in my hand
5)      Inhaling the early morning fresh air with a deep breath looking at the vast open ground in front of me
6)       humming a song without a care even in the lift
7)     To recline on a carpet of green grass
8)      Sleep under the star spangled sky
9)      ‘Nila sappadu’( moonlight  dinner) with extended family on the terrace
10)  Listening to a child talk
11)   The hubby coming home early
12)  The fussy daughter relishing my  experimental recipe
13)  Listening to my son’s talk( I love listening to his matured and humorous talks)
14)  The bliss of listening to a melody
15)  The freshly sprouted colors of the spring
16)  The rustle of the fallen brown autumn leaves
17)  The taste of   amma’s kaimanam( maa ka khana)
18)  The aroma of food prepared by appa( my dad, an excellent cook)
19)  Listening to the traditional stories of yore from my mil
20) Learning a new activity
21)  The feel good factor after a work out
22)  The musty smell from an old book
23)  Expressing gratitude
24)  A mail in my mail box from somebody important
25)  a comment on my blogpost
26)  chatting all through the night during family get togethers
27) laughing   with friends and leg-pulling with friends
28)   a long drive  in the car with family on the country side
29)  The fragrance of frangipani
30) The burst of life by the seeds I sow
31)  When I crack a puzzle
32)  When I paint
33)  Churning out a new recipe with left overs
34)  Upcycling , recycling or reusing
35)  Clearing / cleaning the junk

And so many more…….i am leaving the list incomplete


  1. Woo Hoo - the very fact that the list is so long and not yet complete is testimony to the happy person you are.

    Let me add one or two

    - Musings and Ramblings from a certain distinguished lady :)
    - Comments on my blog from an email ID starting with shr ......

    Yes, there is so much joy to be had from the small things in life that we should find no time to be unhappy.

  2. :) simple things are the original reason for happiness. Pala latcha rooba cara vida samayathula..share autola friendsoda pora moment..priceless :)

    1. true that Gils, such moments are priceless :)

  3. Such a happy list, Asha! Loved it! It is these small little things that add so much joy and happiness in our lives! :)

    1. Loved your listing too, Shilpa:)

  4. Very happy list. May the list never end.

  5. Asha, The list is so long list, that means you are a always a happy person. Positive approach to life makes life easy and helps one to get happiness faster.

    1. yes chitra, i can find happiness in small things....that does'nt mean i don't sulk and am unhappy ...only i hav'nt written about it :)

  6. Another Great Post From Your Blog,There is so much joy to be had from the small things in life,I Like it.

    1. Thank you Vissu and welcome to my space:)