Sunday, January 11, 2015

@ the TATA Bolt arena

Last evening,  It was purely by chance that I landed at GVK One,  a world class mall known for homing international brands .  I went through the security check and was about to ascend to G+1 floor, when  a gleaming red Ferrari color road machine arrested me on the ground floor under the banner “GET. SET. BOLT”.

I immediately  descended the  few steps to reach the  BOLT arena, where many curious  machine lovers were engaged  in  running their hands and feeling the machine and listening to the promoters. I , for the first time followed my machine crazy family in listening to the technical and design details. I sat in the comfortable back seat and listened to, the emerging markets manager of TATA Motors who patiently and fluently  explained the features of the car.

Pics from the Bolt arena @GVK one

                                           A compliment from TATA motors- a friendship band

To begin with he said this is a first time ever multi-drive mode car: Sport/Eco/city…. One can choose sport mode when one wants to feel the burst of the power, eco mode for excellent fuel efficiency or city mode when one wants a perfect balance for the two.

Second this is built with First in class,  Revotron 1.2 turbocharged MPFi petrol engine (also quadrajet  diesel version) to give an exceptionally powerful driving experience.

Third it has Gennext safe with ABS by BOSCH, corner stability control and dual airbags. Which puts the stay in control at all times and one can drive safely with advanced safety features.

Fourth it has spacious interiors which I could feel with ample leg space and relatively high roof compared to other cars. The seats called body hugging  premium rugby shoulder seats which fits you snugly and does not dislodge or shake you from your position  during swerves or turns.  He also demonstrated the 60;40 split foldable rear seats.

Fifth  he played the touchscreen infotainment by HARMAN, which he said was  first in class. one can access an array of entertainment and connectivity  features like smartphone enabled navigation from MapmyIndia and advanced voice command recognition. One can even adjust the speakers to rear end, front end etc., by just touching the speaker location on the screen.

Then he showed us the external design features.

 He pointed to a Black matte pillar on the rear door side which he said gave a floating roof appearance and forward pouncing stance.

He pointed to the wheels which he said was 15” sporty alloy wheels to give a sturdy grip, it also had a dual tone rear bumper with scratch resistant material which avoids rear end damage to the vehicle.

He opened the boot to show the space which could comfortably fit in a cabin and hand luggage and more.

Finally he opened the bonnet to show the engine and the ample free space for dissipation of heat, for the first time, I think even I felt I was seeing such a clutter free bonnet.

After all this, I was curious to know if this was totally indigenous and he said this was made at their Tata motors (nano) facility at Pune with design philosophy created across their Tata motors studio at UK, Italy and Pune design centres.

 Bolt  is the the new road machine from TATA stable to be launched by Tata motors on 22nd Jan 2015 in diesel and petrol variants.   

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  1. Whats has happened to the good lady blogger I know. She would have never written a car review before. Who is this new blogger who has taken over this page. Mr B - what have you done to her !!!!!!!!!

    Sorry Ma'am, I don't think the Bolt would bust the sales records !

    1. LOL Ramesh:D....Nobody ghost writes/guest writes at my place. Mr. B has never read any of my posts(except one on his ancestral place) amount of threats work when i ask him to read my posts.

      This blogger has some if not enough knowledge about car mechanics and has a licence to kill till 2020 with two crashes and car damages to her credit. I support/ promote/ review "Make in India" products and any thing harmless.

  2. I got to see this car now when i come to india..


    1. Bikram. Welcome back again! and do see this car on your next visit and share your views.

  3. Must be a nice. But too technical for me.

    1. it is ergonomically designed and the technical details sound simple when demonstrated SG.

  4. Bolt is a wonderful car in its segment. The touchscreen infotainment and connectivity are cool features!

  5. I think so too, Shilpa. Hope it does well.