Thursday, November 27, 2014

Against all odds - e-book review

Against all odds by Jazz Singh is my first book on Indireads and i was a little skeptical about reading a full length book on a flickering screen, but when i finished the book in one go, i realized I enjoyed the experience. I seem to have picked up one of the best light reads for my first full length e-book experience and so am glad about the experience.

A typical  romance novella where a small town designer Sanjana dashes against City Tycoon Abhimanyu’s car and there is a misunderstanding. They keeping bumping into each other at various ocassions and sparks fly between the two. How they overcome the hiccups of misunderstanding & social standing is the story line spiced up with some clashes, romance and light family moments.

I loved the characters of Sanjana and Abhimanyu. Sanjana is a modest and fiercely independant woman who loves to be self-made without seeking external help and Abhimanyu character is what any young girl would fall far. An angry young man , although rich is down to earth without any airs and has many virtues.

 What arrested me in the whole book was the description of the small town Kasauli . I almost visualized myself in the hills of Kasauli with all those little children and Sanjana . Also, i loved the family moments and the camaraderie shared in small town relationships.

Overall a breezy read and  I throughly enjoyed my first experience at Indireads.

I read this book on Indireads whose vision i have copy pasted from their site.

About Indireads 

The Vision 

Between the blue shores of the Indian Ocean and the white tips of the Himalayas is a land crowded with the rich history of many peoples. Tapping into the region’s diverse cultures, languages, religions and traditions, Indireads weaves an intricate tapestry of fresh voices from the sub-continent.

Indireads’ books bring alive the vibrancy and intensity of modern South Asian life and present it in digital friendly formats, inviting new generations to fall in love with what it means to be South Asian. Digital, handy and engaging, an Indireads book is the perfect companion for a quiet afternoon under a Peepal tree, for the early morning ride on the bus, for that long flight or for that relaxing moment at the end of a long, draining day.

Indireads is a place for you to call home, whether you enjoy telling stories or you hope to abandon yourself to a web of words spun by other story-tellers. Join us on a magical journey through the sub-continent, with writers whose prose echoes the people’s voices, whose imagery paints vivid, familiar landscapes and whose stories capture the very essence of being South Asian. 


  1. I liked reading Against all Odds too! Glad that you enjoyed your first ebook reading experience! :)

  2. Thank you, shilpa:) a very light read Isn't It?

  3. So this was your first ebook ? :DGlad you took the chance. Loved your review. So how did you like the MIL :D Cliched? But then such MIL's are there!