Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sharing a happy moment:)

It is with great pride  that I share with you all one of my blessed moments in my life. My daughter scores 90% comfortably in her CBSE class 12 exams in science stream. The pride is not in the fact that she scored 90% but she scored it without any help from external private tuitions and participating in all the co-curricular activities like NCC, camping etc.

She also simultaneously prepared  for an  All india entrance exam which almost coincided with her pre-board exams and NCC exams. She was tested for  her creative, analytical, logical, mathematical, situational abilities and GK. In this triple round entrance  exam, she secured an all India merit rank of 369  and is now awaiting counseling for one of the premier design institute of India where only 30% admission is on merit. The rest are all lateral entry admission like management, NRI and other caste quota.  I am praying hard that she gets her choice of  location and branch of study.

Could’nt  rest till I shared this  news with you all, meanwhile I am still on digital detox with occasional cheats like this and frequent sinning by checking mails and whatsapp only;)  
 I am enjoying my time off routine, by connecting socially in the real world and meeting interesting people, had a great family  time in my home town  re-connecting with my long lost cousins who have relocated to India,  touching some river bank villages on a day's road trip, reading  physical books (among those I read I loved Sudha murty’s "House of cards") . And now another vacation is in the offing. Will share and record my  vacation stories once I resume regular blogging. 


  1. Great news! Great achievement!! Congrats to the proud parents. Blessings to the bright girl ! Very well done !! Best wishes for success in all future examinations.!!!

  2. yessssssssssssssssssss ... COngratulations to the little one and VERY well done

    this is the second good news i have heard , my best friend in india his son has also got high marks 90+%

    so yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy a good day


  3. Please convey my congratulations to your daughter.

  4. Ramesh's comment:

    Congratulations to your daughter for a sterling performance. Your children are doing you proud.

  5. Congratulations to your daughter!
    She will get into whatever she aims to get in.
    My best wishes to her.

  6. heartiest her and you both! So glad you stayed away from coaching and stuff...I was raised the same way.

  7. Congratulations! Am so HAPPY for you and for your daughter. Tell your daughter "Well Done!" and to reach for the stars. Am thrilled that she made it without all that coaching, there is so much obsession around it and it's mushrooming into an unhealthy industry.

    My best wishes to your daughter, will definitely pray for her entrance exams too. I am certain that it is your parenting style that has enabled her to focus with such clarity and conviction in her academics. Three cheers to you, proud mom! Take a long break if you have to. You deserve a break but I have to say I would still miss you!