Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bread balls - an easy to make nutrilicious eat

Bread balls are a sure to satiate food when hunger strikes you. No heating, no sauteing, no grilling ,baking or cooking . You just have to mix and  assemble the ingredients and in a jiffy, your food is ready!

 My children often made  this during their  childhood years to drive not just  hunger pangs but to keep them occupied creatively during holiday times. It has all the tastes, the sweetness and salty taste of the bread, the sourness of the curd, the spicy chilli,and the goodness of coconut milk from the freshly grated coconut. 

An any time eat - Bread Balls

This is  the foodle (doodled food) and handwritten recipe

Here goes the list of what makes it how to make it in detail.

Ingredients: ( to make one)

  1.  A slice of milk bread
  2. Freshly grated coconut - 2 tablespoons
  3. Finely chopped chilli - 1/2 teaspoon
  4. Thick curd -  2 tablespoon
  5. chopped coriander for garnishing
Steps to make
  1. In  a bowl, combine finely chopped chilli,  grated coconut and keep aside.
  2. Knife out the crumbs from the bread slice, Soak  the slice of bread in water for less than 10 seconds, squeeze out excess water by gently pressing between the palms.
  3. Put the coconut-chilli mixture on the flattened bread, wrap the mixture from all sides with the bread  and shape it into a ball. Ensure the filling is completely covered. 
  4. In another bowl, Whisk the curd and keep it aside.

Serving tip:
Place the coconut bread ball on a plate or a cup. Pour the whisked curd over the bread ball and sprinkle a few chopped coriander and you are ready to relish.

If you have time and ingredients to variate, you can
* substitute milk bread with brown bread or multigrain bread
* spice it with imli -date chutney or mint chutney over the curd.
* add roasted jeera powder and a little red chilli powder for garnishing
* top it with finely extruded sev or finely chopped onions.

Chef's advice:
Milk bread would be ideal since it has some sweetness in it.
Freshly grated coconut, preferable( than refridgerated)since the mild sweetness of the coconut milk adds to the flavour. 

An easy to prepare and sure to satiate any time food. 

Recipe courtesy: the creative junior master chef at home( my daughter)
My doodle recipe is a part of  Easy Doodle Recipe contest  at Blogadda in association with


  1. Wow! Such a neatly doodled recipe!!
    And looks simple and easy to make too! :)

  2. Simple but super recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Even grating the coconut is too much work. Even simpler recipe please :):):)

    1. Grating is as easy as squeezing lemons. So many gadgets for grating. Use a hand held grater.

      or easier than that get grated coconut packets that are easily available in the market along with the bread:)

  4. Asha you have penned a very simple recipe which can be prepared even by children independently. Grated coconut is no issue in our families.

    1. Thank you, ma'am. Yes, coconut is a part of regular diet in families like ours and so grating is easy.

  5. I make it with a little difference in the filling, I mix raisins and chironji also with coconut.

    1. Yes renu, you can make many variations by adding and deleting ingredients to suit our taste. This is the simplest my children make.

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  7. Thank you, ma'am. It is more prestigious since it comes from such a distinguished blogger like you. Will abide by the rules shortly.

  8. What a lovely treat!
    Would try it.