Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Parentous posts ( feb, march and April)

My latest post  @ parentous  -   "Does time fly as you watch them grow?"

Whenever my son or daughter say they are going to organise their wardrobe, my head goes for a 360 degree spin. Every time they clean it they end up with a pile of good clothes that they have outgrown. Some of which are occasionally used and some are brought a few months back.
Only these days, my head spins very fast. Any guesses why? Read more here.

My March post - The March epidemic
Come March and the place around me looks like it is under curfew. You won’t find most of the regular socializing parents, children playing in the driveways and play area. All get-togethers come to a grinding halt, hurried shopping or mandatory outings only. Read .....

My feb post - Memories to make their hearts smile

This incident happened 10 years back. My 3-year-old son refused to take the medicine (a bitter syrup) that I was holding in my hand. I sweet talked initially and finally when I was about to give up and force it down his throat. More here....


  1. Loved reading all your posts, Asha! You are doing a great job as a parent! Kudos to you! :)

  2. Hi-5 fellow parentous mommy:) Thank you, shilpa.