Sunday, September 30, 2012

A mail from an author

I was delighted to receive this mail in my inbox today morning. I had left the link of my  previous post (book review) on Ashwin Sanghi's  website.  The krishna key's  author  mailed to me back and this is what i received in return. Thank you, Ashwin Sanghi. This one to one connection with your readers,  I'm sure will take you very far. Awaiting to see you receive the Booker prize.

This is the mail i wrote to him.

Hi Mr. Sanghi,

Amazed at the way you have weaved the tale of ' the krishna key'. Your research and  work on the book is commendable and hope you write many more such books. Incidentally, this is the first book of yours that i have read. The beautiful historical and mythological facts in this books tempts me to pick up your second book chanakyas chant. My review of this book is here.

Thank you,


Dear Asha,

Thank you for writing to me with your very kind comments as well as
your detailed book review. The greatest reward for an author is to
receive appreciation from readers :) It makes the entire effort of
spending years writing a book seem worthwhile.

I am delighted to hear that you enjoyed reading The Krishna Key. It
has always been my effort to bring our rich historical and cultural
heritage to the forefront and comments from readers like you reinforce
my commitment to do so even in the future.

Once again, many thanks for your email. You have my sincere gratitude.

With every good wish,

Ashwin Sanghi

Thank you Ashwin Sanghi, i am touched and warmly reciprocate.


  1. An author with class.

    Of course it takes two to tango - an author's class comes out only when the reviewer is as classy as you.

  2. ...and a commentor as classy as you :)