Friday, June 29, 2012

If only we listened to this prayer

A news report in TOI student edition left a beautiful feeling in me recently. The news report read that a first grade student (child of 5 or6 years )went and hugged a tree refusing to allow the concerned authorities to fell the tree. The  child told the authorities that his teacher in school had told him that  trees felled mindlessly could lead to less rains and warm the planet, so he went and hugged the tree.  How sweet is that! ( The trees were felled to raise metro piers)

If only all the people who cut the trees had or were  stopped  by a soft touch like that, perhaps the world would be a better place to live in.

Another mindless work which shook me recently was the mining of the River cauvery.  As it is the  summers had left the sand dry with no clue of water, the truck drivers drove their vehicles  and were mining the sand. Illegal or legal, I don't know but it definitely left a sad feeling in  me. For I  have passed through the swelling rivers in the past and perhaps next time when i go , i would'nt be surprised to see some apartments or high rise spring up.

 Many  beautiful mango orchards have given way to the apartment culture on the banks of this river at SriRangam in Trichy district.

Perhaps dense  green forest, swelling blue  rivers, clean crisp air and beautiful flora and fauna could all become a part of  folklore in the near future.

Here is a beautiful prayer I read in Lotus pond, a lung space in Banjara hills Hyderabad. .( click on it to read)

                                                    Hear my prayer, Destroy me not!!!

    Dry  River Cauvery in the summer of  2012 at a place called Thaikal( thanjavur dist).  This place is also famous for river grass mats. In the foreground between the bridge beams you see the grass being dried on the bed for weaving into mats

These glorious rivers whose journey opens up many cultures, beliefs and lifestyles are happily destroyed by some mindless beings in the name of human progress. 

If only we listened to their prayers...


  1. epdinga unga kanula matum ipdilaam maatuthu??!! chaancela

  2. well we have a lot of things to do and we have spoilt a lot of it all toooo

    hope we listen to the prayerssssssssss


  3. We build buildings destroying nature's bounty. It takes a minute to chop a tree down, but years to grow one. Nice post.

  4. A thought provoking, action demanding post.

    I was surprised to see our very own Hyderabad MCH keeping poster like that!. Then I saw the location, Oh.. Banjara Hills... mm.. ok.. that is the place which was a natural forest which was destroyed to let all those Bungalows spring up. :-)
    Made many multi millionaires of entire communities!

    Our city is the worst culprit. They cut down trees like there is no tomorrow.Our citizens lack any civic sense or environmental concerns.

    We had planted hundred trees in our colony 30 years back. Hardly 15 are surviving now! They all want a clean front yard and a decent view of their houses!

  5. @ Gils - enga velaiye parakkku parkardhu daan :)

    @ Chitra - thank you :)

    @Bikramjit - this has too realized especially by those in power, what say?

    @ Raji - Thank you and nice to see you here after a long time.

    @gardener@60- some people plant and some destroy and the destruction is sadly justified.

    @sm - thanks and welcome