Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back from a break and some yada, yada....:)

A few months back, i  would have never imagined myself disconnected from the internet for so long. but i did take a long break and  must admit i never missed blogging, cos my trip was very interesting. With an ocassional mail check and an ocassional status updation, i was in no way connected with the net world.

In the first half  I was pre-occupied with the arrangements for my son's upanayanam at Neyveli. The pre functions and the travels to various temples left us time only for mechanical breathing.

The latter half was a relaxed and leisurely vacation at my parent's place which introduced me to various people, some old who shared vignettes of their past and some young ones who shared their dreams and aspirations.

In short, i had a very informative and enjoyable time with many people. I experienced face to face communication and met interesting  people who showcased me a slice of rural India.  Will share some of  them  in my future posts when blogging takes prirority.

At the moment, will share with you current status:My moment of pride:

my daughter scores a CGPA of 10/10 in AISSE( CBSE X), an A+ in co-scholastic and an A in sports. All these without private tuitions, without missing her art, music classes and play time even a day prior to her exams.

Yes people, proud not because she scored a 10/10,but because my perfectionist and responsible daughter sailed through because of her meticulous,consistent and planned work. For adopting the "work while you work and play while you play" method.

Now it is mission admission time- to choose between two  schools.

Till then.... another short break.


  1. Welcome back. Would love to hear Neyveli stories.

    Congratulations Asha Jr :)

  2. !!! 10/10 plus A in sports?!!! wow...the only way i can get such score is if the numerator is in binary and dinominator in decimal :D:D:D seekrama unga travel blogs podunga

    1. numerator, denominator, decimal, binary idellam enna?

  3. welcome back to blogging and its just a co-incidence that i am back after about three months of break......

    CONGRATS to little one....its really remarkable scoring....i wish her all success in future too.....:)

  4. hmmmm wowow 10/10 fabulous..

    All the best with the chosing of the schools..

    welcome back :)


  5. Wow, your beautiful daughter...
    Was wondering about your abscence Upanayam is share more..