Friday, March 16, 2012

Together we can make a difference

Everyday we release or dump huge amounts of hazardous wastes into    the environment.Chemicals in the form of old batteries, medicines, shoe polish, paint tins, used oil, hair washes, floor cleaners, body washes, mosquito repellants, fogging are some house hold waste. Plastic, pesticide, chemical, metal, rubber, Styrofoam, wastes from waste treatment plants, fire, automobiles, e-waste are sources of industrial waste. Not to forget the hospital waste and the gases that are released into the air like CFC which give raise to terms like smog, acid rain, green house effect, global warming, carbon foot prints, ozone depletion etc.,

In turn, ‘Go green’, eco warrior, eco friendly, environment conscious, pollution, global warming, ozone depletion, reduce,recycle, reuse, organic, green prints are some of the words in most people’s lips today to set our world right back on green path.

Given a magic wand to change some things around me, I would like to go back to those days when our life was surrounded by nature and we practiced green ways in our daily life…. Those days when the world was less populated, polluted and we were driven less by technology. 

  •  When things like provisions came wrapped in newpapers and jute thread and not in plastic wrapper
  •    Vessels were washed with coconut fibre ,charcoal/sand/ rice flour and not in chemical based dishwashers and artificial scrubs.
  •  Food parcel came in plaintain leaves and not in disposable plastic containers.
  •  Milk came in sterilized, refillable bottles and not in plastic covers.
  •   Hairwash ,bodywash, floor cleaners, detergents were made of herbal ingredients and used less  inorganic chemicals.
  • Breeze and cool air came naturally from the abundant trees surrounding us and not from coolers and Airconditioners.
  • Water and vegetables were stored in matkas and not refridgerators.
  • Fruits were ripened naturally and not injected with chemical ripeners.
  • Vegetables could be washed and used and not soaked in Potassium permanganate to knock off the pesticides.
  • Sparkling pure water came in taps and not through waterpurifers and ISI bottled water.
  • Life was simple with no machines/gadgets to assist and people still had time called ‘Leisure’ after work. Today with gizmos, gadgets and appliances which warm up the globe, we still have no time to stand and stare.
  • People cycled, walked or used buses and bikes to work, less automobiles were on the road.
  • Traffic jams on roads were unheard of and our jams were restricted to bread.

             And so many many more….. I am leaving this list incomplete………….

  This  post is in response to the prompt promoted by Indibloggers  'Time to change’

   I would like to change the world to leave green prints and get back to a beautiful world by saving our fragile environment. I know most of the above points cannot be practical like it is not practical to wash teflon coated vessels or chinaware with mud and fibre but little changes like avoiding plastic covers and buying organic products can be practized.   Like Mahatma Gandhi said: "Be the change you want to see in the world."

 I made a beginning 4 years ago to discard all the drywastes like metals, paper waste, plastic covers like biscuit wrappers, chocolate wrappers, milk covers etc in the ITC- Ramky initiative WOW ( Wealth out of waste). They collect the wastes and recycle them in their Bhadrachalam plant to make recycled paper and plastic. 
Together we can make small changes to make this world a better place , what say?

 After all, we owe it to the gen next.


  1. Going back to those days is impossible, but we can indeed do what you are doing - recycling. Actually India is far better off as almost everything is recycled through the informal ragpickers channel. But the mountain of waste we generate is exponentially increasing and recycling has to redouble.

  2. I too try to work on this in little ways. I use scrap stuff and waste materials for my son's projects. I collect stuff like biscuit/chocolate/packaging wrappers, covers, decorative paper boxes and even glossy brochures, buttons and stuff to make things for my son's projects. I think we should all try in little ways to make our kids more aware too too. Good job you are doing too!

  3. Though we all do our little bit, it is somehow not enough, if we don't change collectively. However little is better tan no change at all.

  4. Simple and easily do-able suggestions for us as individuals to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Thanks Asha.