Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A tag and an award from a budding author

 Bhargavi - a fellow blogger, a painter, book reviewer and  now an author  has awarded 'The versatile blogger' award and tagged me to write 7 random things  about me.

Her romance novella is releasing this valentine and she has two more books in the pipeline which would be published shortly. Here's wishing this young author many more accolades. . Just like her blogposts and paintings, i hope even her book touches many hearts.
 Congratulations, Bhargavi. Hope to see you win Booker prize:)

The rules of the award are as follows: 
1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award (Thank you Bhargavi)
2. Nominate 15 other bloggers and inform them of the same
3. Share 7 Random facts about yourself

4. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your Blog Post

All bloggers, who pass by my blog are versatile bloggers and they have been awarded umpteen times, not just this award but many more awards,  but keeping up with the rules, I award this to:-( You can take up the tag if  you wish to, else I can understand because I know many of you have already done it many times, but keep the award)

1)SSStoryteller- My first follower and a great storyteller. Her passion for storytellling reflects in her blog.

2) Maiji (Lalitha Ramakrishnan) - the oldest(83) blogger I know in blogsville. Love to hear stories of yore on her blog. I am a regular on her blog, she does'nt know that I exist.

3)Raji muthukrishnan -  her interesting life experiences  translate into beautiful  and warm posts. She is not regular now with blogging and I miss her beautiful comments on my blog.  

4) R. Ramesh(Global Madrasi) - his short, witty posts radiate positivity and are the highlight of his blog. The way he ties short story or joke to mundane incident is remarkable.

5) Bikramjit Mann - now he is one of the most popular blogger in blogsville. Though settled in UK, it is very clear from his posts that he has left his heart in his Pind(Punjab). Right Bikram?

6) Irfanuddin - Another popular and famous Indian blogger who writes socially relevant posts.Receipient of many awards. 

7) Rama - A lovely home maker whose posts take me around the world. I have armchair travelled to many places through her blogposts.

8) Gils -  We will soon see him walk the ramp of fame. An outstanding creative person  whom i hope to see as an young author, director , lyricist etc. He has more than  500 blog post to his credit.

9)Chitra - She maintains 3 blogs one for her creativity ( jewel design)  called 'Chitra's jewel art', the other her memoirs and the last one her visits to temples on 'My Pilgrimage'. Her first blog could soon become a brand to reckon with and hope to see 'My pilgrimage' as a coffee table book.

10) Swapna Raghu Sanand: Her warmposts reveal how much she values culture and values relationships.

11) Shalini Gowrishankar - This young girl needs to be rewarded for crossing 500 posts and her Monday morning inspiration posts could drive away your Monday Morning blues.

12) Aruna's world - She does'nt know my blog exists. I love the way she laces her posts with humour.

13) Ramesh (Business musings)- A star blogger and an ace business analyst who writes news much before the newspapers do. I don't need newspapers now, business musings would suffice.

14)Ms. Chitchat - Love her beautiful cookery posts.

and last but not the least, its Bhargavi

15) Bhargavi- like a boomerang the award goes back to her. Yes, i had to list 15 bloggers and I consider Bhargavi one and why..in a few more days when her book releases on valentine's day , the whole world will consider her as a versatile author.

Now to the 7 random-isms- 

1) I like listening to radio. Not the BIGfm  or radio mirchi kind,  but the pip...pip....pip..This is All India  Radio kind.
2) I believe and follow natural cure or grandma's kitchen remedies.
3 I can pick languages easily  but one language that i find difficult is Konkani.
4) Long, long ago so long ago was a voracious reader of books, now  i don't read books much, but I do  read on a flickering screen.
5) I am not comfortable with any electronic gadget like note book PC, or operating music system, home theatre, mobiles with advanced features etc., ( Ironically,  i am an electronics graduate and was  part of  3 member team which designed a multilayered  PCB (printed circuit board)(CAD) for notebook computer, double layered  PCB's for onboard satellites (ISRO,DRDO,VSSC) etc., some 17 years ago).
6) I get throbbing headache when I watch movies which have special fx and loud sound like matrix, Jurassic park, 2012,JAmes Bond movies, Robot etc... prefer gentle/ soft musical and comical  movies.
7) I care less for punctuation(bad habit) and let my words flow and don't punctuate properly like sometimes I start a sentence or name  in small letter.


  1. Congratulations Asha!
    I am equally uncomfortable with all the latest gadgets, my grammar is awful, and I hate science fiction.
    Congratulations to your fellow blogger Bhargavi too for the release of her book.
    My congratulations to other bloggers too.
    Thank you Asha.
    I am glad you understand, that some of us may not take the award. However, I will accept it and put it up in my blog space, as wished by you.
    Enjoy your Award, you deserve it.

  2. Thank You thank you..So darn sweet of you ! Konkani is a difficult language and am equally at sea while using electronic gadgets too.That part about PCB went over my head ;-)

  3. @ rama - Thank you:)

    @P.N - thank you :)

    @Bhargavi -:) well sorry about the PCB, may be I should have linked it to the wiki. PCB's are the back bone (hardware) of electronic component.

  4. very very RIGHT .. when you say that .. THank you so much for passing the award to me and considering my blog to be worthy of it.

    and very interesting points there :)

    and a BIG congratulations for winning the award yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy PArty time ....


  5. avvvvvvvvvvv....prekgla 10 kg irunthathukaaga heavy weight awardkaprum innumoru award...ramp of famea..avvvvvvvvvv......unga anbiruku siram thaazhntha nandrigal pala...aaamaa.neenga oru abdula kalaamiya!!!! naan columbus cousin sister nenachitrnthen ithana naala...rocketla socketlaam vachurukenga polarukay!!! aaha...kalakunga..

  6. Congrats and thanks for the tag. You are my well wisher.
    Shall try to do the tag, but I don't know when. I am caught up in a web of work+ travels. Shall put up the award on my blog. But which one have you nominated?

  7. Versatile blogger - you are one indeed. LOvely to follow your blog.

    Much honoured at your kind words.

  8. @ bikram -thank you :)

    @ gils - aiyo, abdula kalamiya ellam illai, I was a kathu kutti and our company was outsourced for those organisations and have visited them, adhu socketa pocha alladu QCla docket accha, theriyadu. idhula enna beautyna ippo enakku elektronix spelling kooda marundu pochu. columbus cousin sister verum gudavancheridaan poirukka :(

    @chitra - All your blogs deserve versatile tag. Do it at your convenience :)

    @ Ramesh - my pleasure to read your blog :)

  9. elektronix :D :D guduvancheria!!! echuseme..neenga ipo enga irukel?

    1. @ gils - En? why??!!! neenga kekkaradhu partha edho sandegama irrukay?

    2. edhavadu thappa ezhuditena?

  10. @Asha - I am sorry I missed this post on Versatile Blogger. Many many thanks for this award. I am really thrilled. Congrats to all others who've got the award too. I look forward to reading their blogs.

  11. Oh yes, I guess I will need some time to painstakingly find those wonderful, talented bloggers out there.

  12. @ Swapna - no pain. Just click on their comments and it will take you to the active and talented bloggers.