Thursday, October 13, 2011

So much to share and write..................

..................about my tiring but fulfilling dussehra fortnight break

  •  a sudden trip to tirupati during brahmotsavam,
  •  the trek up to tirumala via srivari mettu, 
  • the contrast in  queue at US consulate and Tirupati temple
  • an exciting road trip to Bangalore in 6.30 hours ( inclusive of the tea and breakfast breaks),
  •  my children's irregular examination and school  schedules, due to T-factor ( my daughter's board exam(SA1) went on albeit discreetly)
  •  Some Hyderabad Schools functioning on sundays  and with ungodly timings. 
  •   the empty nest syndrome, when my children were away  on their school excursion (daughter to kulu-manali-rohtang pass and son to Ooty-mudumalai), 
  • About the politicians who are ruining the students  and public life here ( Sadly, these people  voted by us to power amass lakhs in few months of power, while we slog to make  a few  in our life time and they don't even allow the general public  to have an easy life)
  • The special red-wood dolls of Tirupati ( marapacchi bommai)
  • Chennapatna toys
  • koil prasadam,
  • The passing  away of Jagjit singh whose ghazals were a part of my  life  and Steve jobs, whose story I read at times to motivate myself.
  • About RmKV - the silk shop, which regularly greets my family on all occasions.
  • About my  childrens's   seniors and our colony girls crowned as Ms. Hyderabad 2011 and the other seniors being the first runner up and in the top5.
  • About  the native wisdom and tips doled out by revathi shankar the singer, dancer, actor and  the lady who is a treasure of native wisdom  whom most of them know as Rajnikant's mother in the film Robot.

Want to write about all the above let me see how I prioritise blogging along  with my regular routine, diwali work and cleaning work  looming ahead..


  1. hmm well start from point one and work your way down .. easy peasy :)

    diwali is coming yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  2. Take some break in between and keep updating us....


  3. It is true sometimes we have so many topics to share with others, as Bikram says start from the first one on the list.
    There are times when we have nothing to write about.
    Reading you list itself was so interesting, I would love to read in detail about them too.
    Happy festival time!!!