Thursday, September 22, 2011

Add Bimba to your life, this Navaratri.

If you are a connoisseur of art and  value Indian culture,  history,  heritage, craft, textiles then we cross paths, read ahead.

Bimba - the art ashram  @ Bangalore  is one such place. An initiative by Deepika, a textile graduate from New Delhi and her husband Mr. Deepak Doraiswamy  who is an IISc and IIM grad.   I have already blogged about  the wonderful evening we experienced  here.   Anything more I write about it would be a repeat of   here.  So check out the following invite and if you are in Bangalore this Navaratri,   experience  rasalok at Bimba and do visit their art store at Jayanagar( address on the website). 

Click on the invite for better read

Check out some of their displays below

Ganga  descending from the corridors of heaven and the hand crafted golden lotuses at the entrance of heaven
a tableau from Ganga avatarnam (Descent of Ganga)

                                                                tableau of Ravana – The priestly asura

                                                                  Krishna and Sudhama

                                                      Sankaracharya rolls the cosmic dice

( 2 Pics)The left still is from muthuswami dikshitar- a gift of goddess  and the right one from Ravana - the priestly asura.

Photo courtesy: Deepika's FB page