Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another leisure zone - Hosur

It is a pleasure as well as a pain to travel on the 6 lane national highway called NH7. (Bangalore to Hosur)

Pleasure because you can see the successful MNC companies of enterprising and inspiring Indians , electronics city etc., pain because of the traffic locks, fumes,soot and dust spewn by HTVs. It takes nearly 90 -120 minutes( by bus) to reach Hosur while it should be just 60 minutes. Of course, we utilize the time as it becomes a sight seeing trip cum story time for us.

The first few times, I travelled on this route, I narrated the success story of Kiran Mazumdar (biocon)and Narayana murthy( Infosys) to my son and daughter, but during successive travels, when they saw Biocon and Infosys, they ended up telling the story. Hope they get inspired by them.

The climate at Hosur is so similar to Bangalore or relatively cooler for which reason this Industrial town is also called Little England. The residential colonies boast of beautiful independent houses with a lovely garden and are located in serene environment away from industrial pollution and noise.

We had some special moments at my sister’s place by having nila sappadu ( having dinner on the terrace on a full moon night), lying down on a mat on the roof top and gazing at the star spangled sky, ( which is not possible in my city having multistoreyed apts), swinging on the big wooden joola in the portico overlooking the temple on the hillock and narrating funny incidents of our ( my sister, cousins and mine) childhood to S,S and J, walking downhill and enjoying the dewy terraced vegetable fields ,chatting away to glory with my sister’s friends etc.

Unforgettable moments also came in the form of a family function ( my cousin’s son’s poonal) in which we met all our family and extended family members after 5 years in one place. All the 9 cousins (out of ten) were present. ( the youngest of us all has just completed his master program in the US and was unable to join us)

Two days of stay in the function hall helped the next gen to connect and bond with one another. Games like Dumb charades, anthakshri and mock singing contests bridged the 3 generations. ( my mom, aunts, cousins and our children). The venue for the above was the huge open terrace of the function hall , overlooking the famous chandrachoodeswarar temple on a hill, with a lake nearby.

We cousins travelled back to our childhood days and recalled all the fun we had at our grand parents house. Times like these don’t come often, so enjoyed every moment and froze those moments in my heart.

All good things come to an end and so did my laid back vacation. I’m back now in my city, all geared to face my fast paced life.


  1. asha what u have seen in hosur is very little next time when you visit do not forget to visit Brahmo hills and venkateshwara temple in kamanthoti very beautiful place temple on a hillock surrounded by fields and a small river on the backside of the temple very peaceful place. Incidentally all three murti temples are here waiting eagerly to take you around with you around i am sure next gen will learn and treasure the culture and heritage of our country

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