Thursday, September 24, 2009

Navarathri of yore

This is my favorite festival- Navarathri. Again I get nostalgic, Back in 80's I used to spend my dussehra holidays at Mylapore.

The whole of Mylapore around the divine kapali koil would turn festive. With lot of golu bommais being sold around the teppakulam(temple pond, push carts selling gift items,balloon walas, poo kadais etc. In pattis house, the room downstairs close to the hall would be decorated. All old thagara dabbas(biscuit tin boxes),and other wooden planks would be assembled to form the nine steps. the first few steps at the top would be placed with gods (all antique man bommais, some were even 50 years old)next few steps with rishis and munis, last few steps starts with birds, animals, followed by people who help us like postman, policeman etc.,not to forget the chettiyar and chettichi. and I used to build a park on the ground close to the first step with sand and use all the items like well, coconut trees, handpump ,plastic houses(all brought from teppakulam fair). In the evenings I went with Ramani chitti /sita mami to invite everybody and we also would get invited. In some houses children would be dressed in mythological characters like Rama, Sita etc.. Nine days of sundal and sweet from our neighbours like mani mama's house(the owner of Bhanu jewellers on Kutcheri road),Sri vidya manjal kungumam kadai Mami(don't know her name), Promo's house and rasika's house etc.,

The memories of Mylapore will remain etched and last till my life time. So again this navarathri I can't help but recall....

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